What about Me?

My Story


My name is Jason Clement and I am a freelance graphic designer based in the Thousand Islands region of upstate New York. I am married to Trisha and we have three amazing kids, Autumn, Ethan, and Gabe.

What I Do

Some time back in the 90’s, in between episodes of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and wasted hours on the PlayStation, I discovered design. It’s all around us, everywhere we look. Good or bad everything was designed. I fell in love and I’ve been obsessively designing things – in reality, or in my head – ever since. Whether it gets printed or digital, if you need it created from scratch, tweaked, or reworked, I can probably help. Trade show booths, vehicle wraps, billboards, catalogs, print ads, postcard mailers, logos, and those things in Photoshop you wish you knew how to do. Website graphics, social media images, lead magnets, packaging, and label design, things you didn’t even know you needed design – you get the idea right?

How It Works

Most jobs… go a lil’ somethin’ like ‘dis… (Sorry, that was the 90’s coming out again). You fill out the “Work With Me” form here, we schedule a call to talk about your project, discuss how I can help, and strategize a solution. I work up an estimate and if you like, we get started on the design.  After that, we go back and forth via email or phone until the project is complete.